13 Aug

In this Introduction I’ll just skim through what is to be expected in future writings.

I shall mostly be talking about random, disconnected matters, maybe concerning school, maybe concerning everyday occurrences (which go under the category of Highly Singular Occurrences).

It is not my policy to start a subject and leave it hanging. However, that policy may be broken (as all policies are meant to be), due to lack of time. This Book shall consist mainly of little mentions of things as they happen to me and as they occur to me.

Words I emphasize on will be enclosed in asterisks, like *this*. Examples are: Someone *has* to go and mess up those things, right? But we don’t *do* these sorts of things.

Compare those with: Someone has to go and mess up those things right? But we don’t do these sorts of things.

Alternatively, the asterisks can be replaced by a capital letter at the start of the word, as in: We simply Have to do that. What in the name of Goodness are you doing?

Every single thing in this Book is written in British English. Likewise, reading it in a British accent is suitable (*Very* suitable indeed.)

And so it is.

My next writing shall be about the Freshman Orientation Camp of the Info-Communications and Technology Club. A bit late to speak about this, but better late than never(?) Either way, I have to get it off my back. A note: It shall be written as a first person narrative (in other words, in present tense.)


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