ICT FOC Day Two; Part Two (The Amazing Race!)

7 Sep

Later on we gathered in the T19 Foyer (or Lobby, as some prefer to call it). We were instructed to form radiating lines around a yellow pillar. Then we were told to feel sleepy. All of us stood with eyes closed.

Suddenly someone whispered in my ear, "Psst! Open your eyes! Come!…Just follow!"

I was led all the way to FC6 on the 2nd floor, where I hid. It was fully lit, although there wasn’t a soul there, save for the painters and cleaning uncle (who were all wondering what I was doing there.) I waited.

The cleaning uncle came and asked for one of the remaining brunch set meals. I assented to his request. The sight of me hiding in that corner evidently amused him.

Finally my team found me! We went back to the foyer to get our first Clue.

And so we went to the Moberly, untangled ourselves; to SP CARE, where we created a cheer even the Game Master forgot; to the Childcare Centre, where I was blindfolded to find something, and where the Clue led us outside campus (finally!). Something about an immobile Mercedes, we headed to Orchard towards its suspected location, courtesy of Timothy. The Race began, proper!

In the MRT train Mark did his sleeping thing again whilst standing holding onto a handgrip.

Nous arrivons! We discover that Cherokee is ahead of us by one road crossing.

We had to pass long pieces of food from mouth to mouth. Not for the more hygienic.

The Next Clue led us to the Orchard Geodesic Dome (it’s *Not* a golf ball), and we used anything we had to knock down some stubborn drink cans. The Game Master didn’t cover the gaps on the sides, though, so the Stray Items Collector was kept busy. I should have brought a longer umbrella, so I could hit more cans.

Then to Lucky Plaza, where we searched for people and blew up condoms. The general public was amused.

Our next stop was the Istana Park. Halfway along the journey there, we stopped to repose ourselves. Half of us went to an Old Chang Kee stall to eat, and the other half went to a nearby building’s toilet. Some of us did both. (The building was the Heeren.)

Then Hi-5 passed us!

We quickly gathered ourselves, then ran like the wind to get ahead of them. Luckily our group could run for prolonged periods.

We managed to get ahead of them, separated only by a busy street. There were already some groups at the Istana Park pit stop. After performing our cheer, we had "ICT FOC 05/06" and our group name branded on our arms. Then one member went into the fountain pool to retrieve our next Clue.

To the Fort Gate! We brought the house down with our rendition of "She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain".

Then to Clarke Quay, where we wasted time counting windows. I don’t understand why we had to do so; we could’ve just asked the receptionist inside that MICA building. We had to cross the road countless times counting the different coloured windows. The hidden ones tested our patience. If we wanted to see them, we had to cross to the diagonally opposite side of the nearby junction. But that junction only had one crossing–to the other side! The other three roads had no pedestrian crossing (typical of chaotic roads in the city.) We had to cross at another traffic light further down the road, once we crossed to the other side at the junction.


There was a traffic policeman controlling the junction at one point. During those times, whatever the policeman ordered, we did. Though the traffic lights seemed perfectly all right to me, we followed his instructions. I resisted the temptation to dash across the road even when the green man was visible, since the policeman knew better. Some tried to disobey him: a taxi nearly ran over him as he tried to halt traffic. Well, it *was* rush hour.

We had been there for an hour: from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. One hour counting windows! By then it was twilight. The Final Clue led us to the Esplanade. We were told that we were in 5th position, out of eight. It was a slightly comforting fact.

Unfortunately all of us agreed to walk there. That was because we didn’t expect such a great discrepancy in location: the place *wasn’t* the Esplanade, but 750 metres further than expected, and not even included in our Singapore Map and Transport Guide (inexistant location!)

By the time we got there, we were completely *drained*. We couldn’t even give our cheer. Well, we didn’t have to. Some time was given for rest. Then we did some silly charades game. Finally we were given another Final Clue: go back to the Polytechnic! Whichever team gets there first wins! (Of course some other team already got there first–we were in 5th place, remember?)

Thus we and some two other teams took the most direct form of transport to get back to SP: the bus 106, whose stop was conveniently nearby. We certainly didn’t want to walk the 750 metres back to the nearest train station.

Blazerz, Fire, and the third group (certainly not Cherokee or Ozone) waited for bus 106. It duly arrived.

Our entrance was a sight to behold. Even the ez-link card readers were not ready, the bus having left the Marina Centre Bus Terminal just before this. Everyone wanted to get in. In the end there was standing room only. There were so many people, it seemed like we chartered the bus.

Member of the public who boarded the bus after that were equally surprised. Our profuse apologies to those who were looking forward to a nice good seat on the bus.

We arrived at SP, did our cheer, and were promptly crowned 5th (as expected).

End of the Race (How ‘Amazing’!) at about 8.30 pm.

We showered and waited in our bunk for the next Event, the Shim Beauty Pageant. Whilst waiting, we played games and held amiable conversations within ourselves and several OC members and GLs.


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