ICT FO Camp Day Two; Part Three (Shim Night…)

14 Sep

…….End of the Race (How Amazing!) at about 8.30pm.

We showered and waited in our bunk for the next Event, the Shim Beauty Pageant. Whilst waiting, we played games and held amiable conversations within ourselves and several OC members and GLs.

Of course, before we could judge the Shims, we had to make them first. A shim is, if you prefer more exactitude of nomenclature, a transvestite.

During our wait, we had to fill in a piece of paper with the things we needed to create our very own shim (which stands for She-Male or -Man, ignore the spelling.) Most common items for the purpose were hair clips, lipstick, rouge, mascara, and other such objects. Balloons were most useful for creating sizable bosoms. We were advised not to ask for bizarre items like grapefruits and melons, and bras with sizes gravitating towards the end of the alphabet.

Duly we received a standard set of materials plus a few of the items we requested. There were black plastic bags, newspapers, aluminium foil, string, markers, and two arms’ length of tape. From each group a shim had been chosen the night before, and in our case it was Jia Xian (the one with the spoiled handphone.)

Our balloons tended to form into very vulgar shapes. Foil was used as a kind of pair of stockings, and string was used to hold up the bosoms. Bull Shit’s shim was Very Feminine Looking. Right choice! He could have been mistaken for a girl if not for the voice…

And so all of us campers congregated in the Foyer, and music was played to indicate the arrival of the Shims.

We were pleasantly amused by the appearance of last years’ Top Shims, among them our GL, Bash. They promenaded around and behaved in suitably enticing manners.

Then *our* Shims appeared. Some were tastefully adorned, as in the case of Bullshit and Cherokee, whilst others were not very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, in part due to their bosoms which were not secured properly (one even fell off). They were also disproportionately sized.

Finally after all these displays of feminineness (if you could call it that), it was announced that Rebecca (a.k.a Jun Yuan) from Cherokee was Champion Shim! (I think he won because his character as Rebecca was constant throughout. Not once did he drop the persona.)

After a photo-taking session, we were allowed to sleep. By the time we did so, it was 3.00am in the morning (!).


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