ICT FO Camp Day Three; Part One (The Excursion to Sentosa)

14 Oct

On the third day, I awoke and properly attended to personal hygiene. Unfortunately I was late for breakfast and only managed to eat two slices of bread, downed with gulps of the unpalatable "Ovaltine".

Then we were told to find our hidden team banners. After searching high and low, we finally found it around a corner. Luckily one of our group members thought to look there, or else we’d be stuck finding it all day.

Then we were told to proceed to Sentosa. We chose to take the MRT, then bus.

My associate’s group chose the taxi. Their group was divided among two taxis, and the one behind was instructed to follow the one in front. Unfortunately the one in front didn’t have any idea how to get to Sentosa and the one behind couldn’t follow the taxi in front due to a red traffic signal. They found out they were the first to get to Sentosa but it wasn’t accepted because the other half of the group was still en route. And Hi-5 was close behind. Well, too bad for them.

There was a great hurry when all of us who took the train realised that the NEL train was coming in 1 minute. All 50 or 60 of us rushed to the platform ("Wah! Like catching train like that!" An apt statement!)

Same thing happened for the bus. "Tooo the Palawan Beach!!"

Once there, we rested and were briefed on the upcoming game, Water Strike.

I quicken the pace here. There isn’t much to tell, and so my sentences shall consist mainly of little mentions of things as they happen to me and as they occur to me. Now, on with the beach games.

It appeared that Summit was filling their water bombs even when they weren’t supposed to.

Due to the unnatural placement of the different groups during Water Strike, each of us did not know which team was which. For lack of suitable nomenclature, we resorted to naming conventions: Summit was labelled the Coconut Tree Group, and Cherokee was labelled the Shelter Group, to state a few examples. These names were indicative of the locations of the respective groups.

Our group was one of the first to fall, due to an unbelievably accurate hit by Summit, what with all the people waving around trying to protect our circular paper target. I was an Immortal, and sought to protect my groups’ target by  means of reclining and other related positions.

So half our group joined Summit (the Coconut Tree Group) and my half joined Ozone, my associate’s team. They had an admirable supply of bombs, and were invincible, until all the remaining 4 or 5 teams decided to attack them all at once. I as a defender was caught in the ensuing melée (a violent free-for-all), ending up very wet and covered with sand. The target had gaping holes all over, and thus the game was ended. Time for lunch!

During lunch I and my associate contemplated the reasons as to why so many Indian nationals had been called upon to work on a small patch of land beside a road nearby. Surely only three or four would suffice.

Then it was time for the playing of assorted games. Blazerz performed well during Captain’s Frisbee™ and Dodgeball. We played for the rest of the day.

During dinner a whole group of Temasek Polytechnic students came and ate near our area. My associate quipped that Temasek and Singapore are one and the same country, therefore we were allies and should not feel threatened. Despite several bombings, we gave three cheers to them (Hip-Hip-Hooray!) and amiably departed.

Back in SP we all showered, and waited patiently for the next event, Disco Night.


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