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ICT FO Camp Day Four (We Depart!)

28 Nov

The next day began quite late. Due to the extremely unearthly sleeping times, we had brunch again. Then we were assembled in the foyer.

Mass (very) Games were played, although for a certain game (I forgot the name), a list of actions could be compiled, so that everyone would travel extensively around the circle. There were not enough actions to enable us to travel full circle.

Then we were given pen and paper. Stick the paper on your back, thus labelling yourselves, and go round writing on others’ papers your opinions of them, or testimonials.

And so everyone was walking round like idiots with papers stuck to their back (some not securely enough), and calling to each other, "Eh, eh, you! Yes, come, come, come!" to write on their backs.

People lined up, stood still, formed circles, and created positions of writing, changing them as desired. Positions resembling mambo lines and sit-down positions were most common.

So you could choose anyone, and they won’t know what you were writing, which was the fun part of it.

The result? A whole piece of paper filled with comments left, right and centre, written by anonymous people. Excellent amusement!

A truly versatile activity!

There was a photo-taking session.

We departed after that.

But not for good, of course. This wasn’t a farewell camp, it is an orientation camp!